Looking back on Vancouver
August 22nd, 2009 by Kate
Nuk nuks off of Stanley Park overlooking North Vancouver
Nuk nuks off of Stanley Park overlooking North Vancouver
Wells Totem

Wells Totem

It was a bit of a shock arriving in Vancouver after our time in the Rockies.  Instead of mountains there were high rise buildings, and instead of watching out for bears we had to watch out for homeless people and city buses…

 That is not to say we didn’t enjoy Vancouver – there are so many things to do and see!  My first priority was to head over to the Grandville Island Market, I read about it in Travel & Leisure magazine a few years ago and saved the article (it sounded THAT good!).  I have to say that it did in fact live up to my expectations – amazing fruits and veggies from farms all over BC, seafood right off the boat, cheeses, meats and the baked goods – AHHH!  They even have an entire space that just makes stocks – but not just your chicken and beef varieties – three different kinds of fish stock, veal, venison… I was in soup-making heaven (if I was only traveling with a large soup pot!).  We spent our entire day’s budget buying little bits of this and that, our favorites were the smoked salmon and the smoked elk, the beef pot pie, the vanilla rooibos tea, local berries of every variety, cinnamon bread and a banana cream tarte with blueberries (however, not as good as Auntie Tasch’s!). 

 I think I’ve already mentioned the amazing sushi in Vancouver on Twitter.  OMG YUM!  And CHEAP – it is so cheap!  We heard from reliable sources that the cheap sushi places get their fish from the same fish market the expensive place do – and I believe it because the fish was awesome.  Seriously, Japan is going to have a hard time beating the sushi in Vancouver.

 We spent two of our four days in Vancouver bicycling around Stanley Park, a huge park to the west of Vancouver’s downtown.  On the first day we explored the interior of the park and enjoyed some beautiful old-growth stands of massive trees and giant ferns, pretty lakes, picturesque meadows, and some giant totem poles.  We had such a great time that we decided to go back the next day and cycle around the entire perimeter of the park, which follows the water the entire way.  It was eight miles roundtrip, and afforded us skyline views of North Vancouver, the port, the inlet to the ocean, and the downtown and Granville Island skylines.  I’m sure others have their opinions, but I definitely think that bike ride is the best way to see Vancouver.

Tess the magician's assistant at Granville Island

Tess the magician's assistant at Granville Island

Phoebe taking Chinese Tea Lesson

Phoebe taking Chinese Tea Lesson


Nacho Vancouver

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Uncle Curt writes:
August 22nd, 2009 at 2:15 pm

No Joke on the cheap sushi. My favorite is Tsunami, where they got the little boats with the rolls on them, floating by your table. Your bill is calculated at the end by counting the dishes stacked in front of you.

Madelaines mom from the totem tour writes:
August 22nd, 2009 at 4:43 pm

My daughter was the totem tour guide you had here in Duncan – wow what an amazing trip you are on – sounds absolutely fascinating – If you need anything in Duncan – or we can help in any way, please let us know – it is too bad you didn’t find us on coach surfing – we would have loved to have had you.
Good luck on your travels – we will be watching all your adventures -
Our cell is 250-710-7175 if you need anything at all
Take care and have a safe trip!

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