Scuba in Nha Trang
November 28th, 2009 by Kate

We had heard great things about the beaches of Nha Trang – so of course we were TOTALLY there!

The beaches were kind of lame.  The city reminded me of Miami Beach before its heyday – lots of vaguely tacky pastel colored hotels and bad soveneiger shops.  The only big difference was that instead of being full of old retired men and woman from New York and New Jersey, only the old men were there – a bunch of old American men looking for their true loves among the eligable young ladies of Vietnam.  Kinda creepy.

Jeff & Tessa on her last check-out dive

Jeff & Tessa on her last check-out dive

We made the most of our time in Nha Trang though – it is well known for its great scuba diving, and they had a 5-star rated PADI dive shop – so Tessa got her Open Water SCUBA certification!  She did a great job, her instructor said she was the best student he’d ever had (I’m sure he tells that to all the cute girls).

We also saw our favorite scooter in all of Vietnam.  This is a big deal because we’ve seen, I don’t know, about 20 million of them!  This one is covered in these little tiny colorful sea shells called “cat’s eyes”.  We saw the scooter one day but didn’t have our camera with us so Phoebe and I had to stalk around town looking for it so we could take a picture of it for Jeff Cline.  We think it is RAD!

Na Trang vespa 1

Na Trang vespa 2

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