The pyramids
May 2nd, 2010 by Tessa

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Camels are very terrifying creatures. Especially when you step out of the van with one 10 yards away, which is about as close as I ever wanted to be to a camel. Or will ever want to be. They have two knees, look like they’re skin is too big for them, have a jiggling lump on their back, and their pelt looks like if you go up and pet them you’ll get a handful of grimy, sweaty and possibly snotty fist of sand. They constantly seem to be staring at you as if your fingers are a kind of vegetable, that they know will taste horrible, but deep down must be good for you. They also stand much taller then you’d think. Of course, their 12 feet tall, but when they say 12 feet tall, you don’t except that that’s probably tall enough for a horse to walk under. The camel was so disgusting you couldn’t look away from it, which of course caused the guy holding it’s reins to walk over to our little brigade and ask multiple times if I wanted to get on and ride the camel to take a picture (Not trying to follow Jay Staats example, So I shall NOT ride the camels at the pyramids). I had to wrench my eyes from the monstrosity to look at the pyramids.

They looked- different then I was expecting… They didn’t seem to be the correct size, although I couldn’t remember whether they were smaller then I thought they’d be or larger. They also didn’t look the same size if you stepped forwards. 20 yards away from a dog, you can tell it’s about the size of a coffee table. If you walk 10 yards towards it, it still looks the size of a coffee table. 10 yards back from my current position, I would have said “It looks small,” where as, at my current position I was thinking “Huh that’s strange it suddenly seems larger now.” Within ten more yards I would abruptly stop, look up and have to rethink my whole perspective of it once more because it was now MUCH larger then it had seemed earlier, as if the dog that looked like the size of a coffee table 20 yards away suddenly looked the size of a horse 5 yards closer, and then suddenly looked like a house 5 yards away from it; maybe it was the sand dunes playing tricks on the eyes.

I also expected it to be somewhat smooth. They looked so much different from the ones in the movies, that I think they might have photo-shopped the imagery in the movie. Surprisingly, the best comparison I could come up with for them was the picture on the dollar bill. All I could think of is that someone could make a fortune selling tickets to rock climb those. It’d be a huge seller and would make enough money to repair any damage to the pyramid and more. They’re the perfect size and even a total beginner really couldn’t fall off of them.

On our way to the next pyramid in the famous chain, we stopped by the sphinx. The sphinx has a very long history as our guide informed us. It was originally a cliff that one of the pharaohs decided to carve to make his pyramid’s front look more beautiful. Turns out the nose is missing because napoleon decided to blow it off as a joke. The guide let us stop and offered to take our picture kissing the sphinx. Who can say no to that?

At the next pyramid, my dad and I decided to go into the tomb. We went down a very small hole in the side of the pyramid at a steep decline. The experience was very good practice for crawling through vents, which I one day might need to know as part of my ninja training.

We went down, through a small corridor, up to the chamber, where we were in a very stuffy room. Knowing I could be cursed, I took off my bracelet and waved it around me in a circle before putting it back on. It’d have to do.

We walked back through and emerged into the light, where our guide pushed us along back to the van.

Isn't that just great? You can see up its nose...

Isn't that just great? You can see up its nose...

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Cricket Bourget writes:
May 9th, 2010 at 12:20 pm

Ohmigosh I love your writing style Tess! Camel post cracked me up. “…staring at you as if your fingers were some kind of vegetable…..”

I’d seriously love to know where to get one of those anti-curse bracelets, though; there’s a lot of places in downtown Phoenix I’d like to wave one of those around.

sophie writes:
July 15th, 2010 at 9:21 pm

Hey tess! it reached 115 degrees outside today, and they said it was going to rain. . . . Anyways, POST MORE STUFF! please.

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