Seattle really IS as cool as it thinks it is…
Sep 1st, 2009 by Kate

I didn’t want to love Seattle, but I did.  Granted, it was sunny both days that we were there, but I think I would have even liked it in the rain.  It’s urban.  It’s hip.  There are cool old-ish buildings and a pretty darn nice art museum (Bill Gates is putting your Microsoft money to good use – remember that next time you are cursing Vista). 

We found pizza that rivals Biancos – no really.  It’s called “Serious Pie.” and we only had to wait an hour and a half.  Chanterelles with truffled cheese, clams with lemon tyme, and yukon gold potato with house pecorino & rosemary.  Totally divine in a totally divine kind-of-way.

One disappointment was Pikes Peak Market.  It was a total tourist trap.  After being at the great Granville Island Market in Vancouver, I had very high expectations for Pikes Peak – after all, they throw fish and they have a book written about it – but alas, it was pretty lame.  We did see the guys throwing the fish (vaguely entertaining) and did manage to score tastey grilled salmon sandwiches – but for the most part it was like Main Street at Disney but with food instead of souveniers (although there was plenty of Pike’s Peak kitch to be had for the asking).  There were a few booths outside of the official market that had great local produce, and we also happened upon a nice neighborhood farmer’s market so Seattle redeemed itself :-)

One really funny thing that did happen to us was we got caught up in this cycling-thing called “Free Form”.  Apparently this happens in cities around the world but we’d never heard of it… about 200 people on bikes showed up at this downtown park that we just happened to be sitting in (I swear Marion – you are right, we do attract craziness) and after about 20 minutes they all started riding around in a giant circle in one direction.  It was like being in a bicycle tornado.  Everyone was ringing their bells and riding faster and faster until they all started spilling out of the park and onto the (very busy Friday afternoon rush hour) street and then all of them followed eachother in one direction up the busiest of the streets blocking car traffic in EVERY direction.  And then they were gone – riding up the streets beyond where we could see.  Apparently this happens every last Friday of the month, and they ride around for like 20 miles during rush hour to bring attention to… riding your bike.!   It was a sight.  We all thought of Jeff Cline.  His bike would have been the coolest.

Anyway, thanks to cousin Kevin for letting us crash on his empty apartment floor, thanks to the nice girl at the bus stop that sent us to Serious Pie, and Phoebe would like me to add that the little old Italian guy selling fruit across the street from the Monorail station has the BEST nectarines in the universe.

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